Starter Package - First Time KSVA Client

Let's test the water. If you feel we need to "date" first, this is the best package for you!

Hey there! Not sure if any of my “smorgasbord” of a package fits your need or if we are actually a good fit working together? You must have work with virtual assistants before who aren’t just good fit but because were tied-up with a contract that it was hard to break up when communication, task delegation, and completion just went south.

This is where our New KSVA Starter Package comes handy. This is because we can “date” for a month where:

  1. You don’t need to be tied up to a contract for the first 30 days we are working together.
  2. We talk about what you need and slowly come up with the best “task menu” your business needs.
  3. We set up a solid project management tool to keep task progress monitored and reported.
  4. All it takes is to pay $250 and we get to work together straight away.
  5. When the 30th day comes, we can then talk if you still want to upgrade to a more solid package with us.

If you want to know we are a good fit, schedule an appointment below. My team and I can only intake 1 client per month so click below and we can talk about what your business needs at the moment. I can then reserve a slot for you so we can have you onboard as soon as you are ready.

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