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Jean and Sunny were both college instructors teaching computer subjects for 7 years, when Jean decided to work from home and Sunny decided to work as a Java programmer. This decision to resign from a permanent position was not a simple thing to do for Jean. But since 2009, when she became a mother, she wanted to see her kids growing up; she couldn’t do that if she continued to teach.

The Dilemma

However, Jean knew that if she stopped working, they would not be making enough to provide for their family. This took Jean on a journey of searching for lucrative jobs online. That way, she can stay at home, take care of her kids and work at the same time.

She started writing articles for PLR and submissions and later took on ghostwriting for blogs. Since she was a computer science graduate, she realized she could do more. She searched for VA jobs. Here she found clients whom she worked with for three years.

As she worked more and more with online entrepreneurs, Jean learned more about entrepreneurship and the struggles of starting a business. As clients shared their dreams and aspirations, Jean felt she was a part of their journey. She wanted to see these journeys through and watch her client’s visions come to life.

The Client’s Kickstart Journey

However, Jean also found that visions and enthusiasm doesn’t ensure her client’s business to take off. Sometimes, they remain a dream as a client starts to realize he doesn’t have enough time to train VAs for tasks that needed to be done. Jean also saw that some clients had to quit in the middle of setting up the business because they no longer had funds to continue.

When this happened, it always felt like waking up from a beautiful dream without seeing the ending – an ending that was supposed to be awesome and satisfying.

But not all of Jean’s clients quit in the middle of building their business. As an admin support VA, she had worked with startups who are now successful online entrepreneurs. She observed the difference between those who made it and those who didn’t.

The difference lay not in the amount of enthusiasm but in the clarity of the vision; the clarity that allows planning with implementation; the clarity on who to hire and when to hire; the clarity of knowing what to do each step of the way. And so Jean decided to step up and focus her efforts on helping her clients find this clarity.

Years of serving successful visionaries made Jean want to help entrant visionaries to set up their business online. This is how she came with set up solutions that allow new entrepreneurs and those who are struggling to move their business forward and achieve their dreams.

This passion of hers took Sunny’s attention that he quit a very lucrative job to help her achieve her dream – of seeing visionaries dreams come to life.

Together, they registered SunnyJean Virtual Solutions Enterprise business and created Kickstart VA services. They aim to help online startups and small business owners move forward.

The Painted Picture

Kickstart Virtual Assistance is just but a start. Jean and Sunny also aim to help VA entrants, housewives, and working students, to find a future as Virtual Assistants. They hope to provide a well-trained, passionate VAs to start up and small business entrepreneurs and help their clients succeed in their business online.

The dream is to see businesses and careers take off!

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We are a close-knit team of VAs who share the same passion to always improve and provide value to our clients so they can grow and reap the benefits of their businesses.