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Hey, it’s a new year! But this shouldn’t keep you from working on your lead generation campaigns. I am currently tinkering on my website and funnels that I stumble UPON a lot of awesome tips about attracting your ideal prospects. One thing I observed from digital gurus advice is to KISS everything, especially your freebie to attract your ideal prospects.

KISS or keep it short and simple provides a straightforward, actionable items your ideal audience would love to have. Our digital world today is just too fast that everyone would want something they can use outright. No confusing, long reading freebies.

General rule is that you must be able to come up with a freebie in 2 hours. Long content does not necessary mean great.

Some KISS awesome freebies you can cook up in 2 hours are as follows:

  1. Checklist freebies
  2. Challenge freebies
  3. Quiz freebies
  4. Work book freebies

When making your freebies, you need to remember these 3 things

  • Set a content goal. Focus on that goal. Example, you want your lead to book a call or buy a product, be sure to focus your CTAs that would bring readers to your landing pages.
  • Write a content that is perceived as high value for your target audience. Keep content short and sweet but be sure that these are actionable items your ideal prospects will be able to use outright.
  • Make a simple freebie. The rule is to organize, optimize and maximize. When you are able to cook up some simple freebie, you can optimize its use and eventually maximize it when you have set up your templates.

You can download and check out this free CHECKLIST and see how you can utilize it to come up with a simple freebie that would jumpstart your lead generation campaign.

Now, while a simple freebie should be easy enough to cook up, this would certainly take a lot of time on your plate when building the whole of your lead magnet campaign. Aside from writing high-value content, you also need to

  1. Set up your list in your automation tool.
  2. Organize the tagging so you can segment your list depending on the actions they have chosen from your CTAs strategically scattered around your email copy.
  3. Design your freebie cover and pdf file so they can actually entice your audience to either read or watch it.
  4. Create report so you can track your lead magnet campaign performance. Is this campaign worth continuing? Is the campaign giving you the conversion you need? Is the campaign performing but need to be tweaked for improved results?

That is why, while the steps are easy enough to follow, you would still need someone who already knows how to set up everything so you can take these little steps off your plate. As a result, you can now focus on creating juicy contents or taking other revenue-generating activities for your business.

Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have some questions about how to create a simple freebie that would jumpstart your lead generation campaign and start attracting your ideal prospects.


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