Lead Generation

Let us help you find your target audience so you can reach out and share your products and services.

You’d be amazed just what my clients do to generate leads.

Yes, there is this funnel building to attract leads. Giving out freebies, hosting FB live, giving out challenges and whipping out awesome landing pages.

But aside from that, there are other things you can do where you don’t need to set up too many things. However, before we dig into that, let me share with you what YOU NEED TO HAVE FIRST before even thinking about generating a lead.

Specify a targeted audience. Yes, no kidding. I think you have heard enough of this. Sometimes, we have too many target audience that it is hard to choose one. I mean your product would probably be able to serve a lot of people, why settle for only a few, right? But the only way to talk to your ideal prospect is to be able to provide content that would resonate with them. So, you have to give me a very specific type of lead to be able to search them for you.

When you got this, here are a couple of ways we can generate leads.

  1. Boolean search on google
  2. Using LinkedIn Sales Nav
  3. Using a web scraper tool – you have to provide this though.

My team and I would love to help you to come up with a list of quality leads. Book a discovery call anytime. All it takes is a click of a button below to start our discussion about how Lead Generation can grow your business.