How much value have you provided someone today?

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It’s not about how much you have worked; how hard you have worked; how exhausted you are.

It’s about what value you provide; how you impacted your client’s revenue; how your work enabled your clients to grow their business.

It is easier said than done; to provide value; to help your client grow their business. At times, they don’t even share their visions with you. You are on the blind side, not knowing what to do so that you can truly provide value that they need. How can your work be of service, for real?

All I know is that I do what my clients tell me to do.

If they say create a campaign, I do. If they say set up my funnels this way, I do. If they say send this email, I do. I know I am good with what I do. Testing shows they work and the apps connect wonderfully. But at the end of the day, when client launch their products, I was just a cost, not an investment.

It hurts when clients wasn’t able to kick-off as expected. When the sales funnel I built didn’t result to sales. I was as disappointed as them. Why not? Didn’t I set up their funnels?

So how can I sell the value of the work that I do? In the end, what I do, what you do as an online freelancer, boils down to being able to help your client sell their products. If you weren’t able to help them with that or you weren’t able to provide the ease of sales they needed, your skills are worthless.

So what should you do?

Slowly I realized that while I can set up, I can build online tools to automate my client’s sales, if my client doesn’t KNOW how to utilize my skills, I can’t provide the value they need. What is a well done sales funnel automation if the copy sucks? What is it if my client wasn’t able to envision the nurture? How can it provide value if there was no long term plan?

I realized that I mustn’t just build their funnels, I must be able to ask the right questions so that my clients will be able to fully grasp their campaigns. To know their list and to be able to engage those who are ready for conversion.

Oh no, I am not there yet. That capability to make my clients understand how they should build a solid campaign, from lead, to nurturing to conversion. But realizing what value I should provide is a good step. While I can’t express my thoughts, provide suggestions, I am able to tell my clients to follow industry influencers so they can learn from them.

But of course, to provide this value, I need to grow. I need to understand my clients and experience this as well.

So I built my own funnel. I built my own product. I built my own team. I read, I researched and I applied. Anytime soon, I can be the person my clients need me to be. To automate their sales funnel, freeing their time in fulfillment allowing them to do other things.

I am a kickstart VA. I help clients kick start their business.

I build their funnels, nurture their list and shove them into conversion. As a result, my clients can focus more on what they can do best in their business.

How about you? Have you realized what value you should provide your clients with? Please let me know by commenting below or emailing


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