Guide To VA Outsourcing For Small Business Startups

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Decades ago, outsourcing seems just too big shot companies. Now that you have your own startup business, you can also delegate some tasks to make business more productive. The key is to find the affordable and cost-effective assistant there is available. You can find them on the internet. Basically, they maintain their own website as you do.

Steps to finding the right Virtual Assistant

Finding a VA is not a walk on the nirvana. Sometimes, they are the hardest people to find when you needed them. You have to know the key that matches your needs before having a partnership with anyone of them.

There are crucial steps to finding the right VA for your startup. One step cannot be deleted because each one is equally important as the others upon going through the process of hunting. Here are the key steps:

  1.   Sort your tasks. Define your main business activity. What is the core day to day task? What are the small trinkets in your business that are less important but eats most of your time? What are those things that are distracting you from doing the core activity of your business? Giving answers to such questions is the start-point of sorting out your work.
  2.   Now, after sorting out, you have to rank the tasks according to their role in your business. Writing down the tasks by columns makes it easier to categorize. Example, you may label each column as “Things you are not good at”, “Things you do not like to do”, “Things that eat up your time on improving your product”. After labeling such, it is easier to identify what are the tasks to be outsourced.
  3.   Take small steps. Now that you have sorted all out, you have to get an assistant while you have identifiable tasks. Otherwise, you will end up unmindful of your activities and end up doing all the tasks that hinder you from concentrating on the core activity of your business.
  4.   Share your purpose. Be ready to share your purpose with your VA. Let them know what you are trying to arrive at so they will also know how and what to maneuver in order to give you the best service they could ever give. In addition, they can also anticipate upcoming circumstances and what else they can do to help.
  5.   Give feedback. Especially at the start of the project, give your assistant a lot of feedback. This will help them know if they are on the right track or not. They get pointers from you, so it is best if you guide them well. Tell them if they are doing the tasks right or wrong. Don’t let them read your mind. Giving feedback is also building your relationship together.
  6.   Do not compare yourself to your VA. VAs are there to help you out, give you extra hand and leverage your efforts. They are not your replacement. All they can do is just free you up from all the things you are meant to do. They are there just to compliment your strength.
  7.   Give sometime. Like all other relationship, give your assistant time to get to know you and your business. Give them time to explore and learn your business. Let your relationship stand for a while. Do not rush to a conclusion. Give them time to grow to be productive.

Try these steps to get an effective VA as a partner in improving your business startup.


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