Email List Management

Let's build and nurture your list and organize your CRM tool for better conversion and continuous sales.

Base from my 5 years of experience toiling with my client’s CRMs, it is way easier to build a list than managing them. The problems I have encountered were (but totally not limited to the list below)

  1. Follow up sequence. Once a contact opted into my client’s system, nothing follows for quite some time. I do believe that it is best to strike while the iron is hot. But, yeah, this is not the case most of the time.
  2. Identifying and setting up contact segments efficiently. At times, we don’t consider segments when launching an email campaign. This will present some hurdles down the road.
  3. Automatically moving a contact from one list to another. This often involves a third-party application or a well-planned email campaign automation. This means that your email automation tool should be flexible enough to automatically move a contact to multiple lists and/or segments.
  4. Ignoring the importance of tags or fields. Tags come in handy if you want to track a contact’s journey into your system. However, tags are often ignored, misused or not used at all.
  5. Not cleaning up the list. You pay email automation tools according to how many contacts you have. There are automation tools that make you pay emails sent. Imagine if you have hundreds or thousands of unresponsive contacts on your list?

I am sure there are other hurdles when managing an email list. The thing is that if your list is left unattended for a while, it won’t provide you the best value as you would have the first time you got them into your system.

That is why my team and I are here. This is what this package is for. To focus on organizing and managing your email list and CRM tool so you can now focus on analyzing and maximizing your email campaign performance results. This way you can optimize your email marketing strategies and get the results you want to increase your revenue and scale up your business.

When and if you are ready to work this out with us, feel free to click the button below so we can talk about how my team and I can implement your email campaign plans.