Team Management – What To Do When Your Client Is Unhappy With Your Support Team?

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The struggle is real!!!

Tell one business owner who says that managing a business is like a walk in a park? Perhaps on a rainy, stormy, snowy day! But managing a business and dealing with client support, even if you have a great, awesome team backing you up, can still be a struggle. This is because things to do can fall easily into crack. And God forbid if you miss a very important client call because your scheduler forgot to notify you! Yes, it happened to me just this week. Fortunately, things worked out well because my clients are heaven sent (in more ways than one).

But, back to the topic, how should a solo entrepreneur like you handle days where you feel that struggle is real? Like when nothing seems to be going where you want it to go? Where everyone seemed to abandon their post and just put everything on your plate to take care of? Where clients, customers, are going berserk because they are not happy at all?

What should you do?

Customer support and experience is a number one life force to keep the business going. What more with a service based company where you have to be in constant contact with your clients to know if they are still in sync with your system?

But there are days that you are just not up to it and your team is also not looking forward to taking care of your clients. This is when you need to pacify your client and spank your team’s butt for not putting more effort into keeping the client happy enough to pay you! When you have to take yourself away from revenue-generating activity to fix things.

Sounds personal, yes, but it happens to every one of us.

So, what should you do when everyone is not cooperating with you, client and team alike?

  1. Take a deep breath. You just got to relax so that you don’t spew blames all over the place. Besides, being stressed up makes you sick, seriously. So it doesn’t bode well to dwell too much on the “what’s not” going on. So take a deep breath. The air will help you think about what is the best course of action.
  2. Step up. You just got to do what you got to do. It is so easy to just say, heck, let’s just let go of the client. But you don’t want that churn growing. You are on business hoping to retain more than let go more. This is why you have to step up and get the bottom of everything.
  3. Talk with everyone in your team to come up with a solution. Assign tasks and be specific about it. What is the problem and what is the solution – what are the following action items; when are you going to do this and the ideal date where everything is back to awesome.
  4. Check your business system and take time to update them. Most often, when clients are not being taken care of, it is because you haven’t gotten around to create a system that will prevent this. Remember, you can never achieve perfect automation but you can certainly be awesome with your client support.
  5. Let your team know you need them to own their posts. Do this by orienting them to the processes and procedures you took time to update.

It is never easy running your own business, most especially if you are all alone, passionately working on building it up from the ground. While a team can be a work, it is still best to have one handy especially when you want your clients to be taken care of.

How you with your customer support management so far? How often did you feel the struggle of keeping your clients happy? Do you feel you keep churn at the minimum?

Feel free to comment below or email me at if you are feeling that struggle is real in this area.


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